What We Do

Our Purpose

Missourians for Transportation Investment (MFTI) promotes adequate and sustainable investment in, and improvement of, the transportation system for Missouri citizens.

Online Surveys

MFTI engages its members in September of each year through online surveys to determine their levels of support for various transportation investment strategies. Survey results are used to inform the Policy Council and Board of Directors discussion during the Legislative Planning Retreat.

Legislative Planning Retreat

Each year, the Board of Directors appoints MFTI members to serve on the Policy Council. The Policy Council meets with the Board of Directors in October of each year to review survey results and create a legislative agenda for the next legislative session.

Legislative Days in the Capitol

MFTI holds one Legislative Day in the Capitol each month during legislative session. Participants attend a brief orientation where they are provided with talking points and handouts to share with their state representatives and state senators. MFTI schedules meeting with legislative and executive branch leaders during each of these days.

Advocacy Calls

MFTI facilitates weekly calls during the legislative session to provide a forum for lobbyists and association executives who are supportive of adequate and sustainable transportation investment to collaborate.

Legislative Updates

MFTI provides weekly legislative update emails to its members during the legislative session. These updates include information on transportation investment bills and identify opportunities for members to demonstrate their support for transportation investment by testifying at public hearings and/or contacting their state representatives and state senators.

Site Visits

MFTI provides planning/logistics assistance to members who would like to schedule plant/project tours with their state representatives and state senators. These tours strengthen the relationship between members and their elected officials and provide educational opportunities for elected officials.


MFTI provides presentations to groups interested in gaining a better understanding of the need for adequate and sustainable transportation investment. If your group would like to schedule a speaker, contact info@mfti.org.

Candidate Surveys

Each election cycle, MFTI invites candidates to participate in a survey on transportation investment issues. The survey serves dual purposes; to educate candidates on transportation investment needs, and to determine candidates’ level of support for transportation investment.

MFTI 2022 Candidate Survey Results